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Proper training is an essential part of a successful dog fence. As a professional dog trainer in the Catskill area since 2000, I’ve worked with all sorts of different animals and their owners. All my animal training services are designed to give your pet the individual attention and care they need.

Dog Walker at the Park

Underground Fence Installation

Personalized and Professional

We can install one of our new systems  or help to install the equipment you purchase. We can move your system, relocate your system to a new home, or expand or decrease the size of your current fence lines.

Dog Outside

Gentle Training for Dog Fence

Veterinarian Approved

Hudson Valley Dog Fence certified trainers have successfully trained dogs of every breed, size and age on our safe electric fence system. Our behavior training uses advanced techniques to teach your dog the boundaries of your property in a safe, humane and effective manner.

E Fence for Dogs


Using Latest Technology

Dog fence of Hudson Valley is not associated with any dog fence franchise. This is a good thing. What this means for you the client is that you have options.

Jason will help you find the correct system to meet your and your dog's needs.

Already have another system? Call and ask Jason about his exchange deal.
Jason will switch out your old system with one of our brand new systems. Sometimes the cost is not much more than the cost of one of your old system's receivers.  

Our systems have features that include:

  • Collars for small dogs

  • Collars for the big dogs

  • Collars that use only tone and vibration

  • Collars for the stubborn dogs

  • Low cost options for collars that work with the big brands

  • Built in battery backup *

  • Automatic safety shut off

  • Quick rechargeable li-polymer batteries in receiver*

  • Collars that last up to 30 days before recharge is needed

  • Adjustable correction levels

  • Overstimulation prevention

  • Run through prevention

  • Anti-linger protection

  • Collars that are waterproof - not water resistant

  • Shock resistant collars

  • Transmitters with lightning and surge protection

  • Transmitters (and an experienced dog trainer) that cover up to 100 acres 

  • Transmitters that have wire break alarms

  • Free limited warranty 

The built-in battery backup and the rechargeable receivers can save you hundreds of dollars over other systems.
WE offer 100% money back guarantee for 30 days. ​

Hudson Valley Dog Fence, LLC is not Invisible®.

Hudson Valley Dog Fence, LLC “underground fences” are often mistakenly referred to generically as “invisible fences”. Invisible Fence® and Invisible Fencing® are Brand names, products and registered trademarks of Radio Systems, Inc.

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